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Solidarity Statements

Protest against the Slaughter of Peasants in India



A repressive, murderous operation has been launched by the Indian state, with the deployment of hundreds of thousands of police and paramilitary forces, with the participation of criminal paramilitary organizations. It aims to break the resistance of poor peasants in vast areas of India. It is about a mass and militant resistance that involves vast areas dwelled by over 100 millions of poor Adivasi (tribal people) peasants.


The main reason for this military operation is to grab the land of the poor people and pass it to the corporations both multinationals and local for the looting exploitation of natural sources in these vast areas. It should be noted that the West Bengal state is under informal "emergency" situation.

Despite the mass murderous raids of the reactionary Indian state the peasants' movement is growing and resists the murderous assaults.

In order to suppress the solidarity movement that has emerged for the struggle of the peasants, the Indian authorities have launched a fierce repressive and intimidating campaign against intellectuals who support the resistance like - for example - the well-known author Arundhati Roy.

Left and democratic organizations of Greece denounce the criminal raid of the Indian state and support the struggles and the movement of the poor peasants, expressing their unreserved solidarity and call to a protest rally outside the Indian Embassy in Athens.


Communist Organization of Greece

Communist Party of Greece(marxist-leninist)

Cultural Club "Bridge of the people of the East"

Leftist Reconstruction

Leftist Anticapitalist Convergence

New Left Current

Organization of Communists Internationalists of Greece - Spartacus

"Partizan" Magazine

Revolutionary Communist Movement of Greece

Sosialist Workers' Party